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Continuing Education


Angelica Bigsby

“Going abroad to a place where they don’t speak the [same] language really brought me back to the basics of what art therapy can do for someone, and how you can connect and communicate, not necessarily verbally, but through the art and through your body expressions.”

Angelica Bigsby
MA '16

Program Facilities


2 female students and a professor at an art therapy classroom

Contemporary Classrooms

Rooms fitted with SMART Boards, LCD projectors and stainless steel magnetic walls


Close-up of two students and their artwork at a table of painting and drawing students.

Open Studio

Observation space equipped with a two-way mirror and audio


3 art therapy students working at the clinic

GW Art Therapy Clinic

Three rooms equipped with split-screen video and sound capabilities for teaching, presentations and research



a wall full of hanging masks of different colors and designs


20 walls featuring spotlights and sliding tracks for hanging artwork


3 rows of students working on iMacs in a computer lab

Computer Lab

Program-designated computers set up in homework stations for student use


A group of Art Therapy student studying inside a library


Art Therapy Program-related materials, lounge and communal kitchen space available for students and events



Academic Resources