Rachel Albert

Professorial Lecturer
[email protected]

Rachel Albert has been an art therapist and art teacher in the Washington, DC Metro area for 19 years.  After earning a Master’s degree from the George Washington University Graduate Program in Art Therapy in 1998, Rachel began working in the public school system in Virginia, tailoring her art therapy approach to classroom instruction for the benefit of an exceedingly diverse student population she has encountered during the course of her career.  Driven by her classroom experiences with high school students, she now brings her wealth of knowledge and training to future art therapists as an Adjunct Lecturer at GWU.  Rachel has written and published a journal article and presented to other art therapists and educators and mental health clinicians on innovative approaches to working with special education students, alternative learners, teen parents and English language learners within a studio art program.  She is passionate about the positive results students experience when art education and art therapy are blended to give students more time in a studio and the ability to develop a true portfolio.  Among the many positive outcomes achieved by her classroom techniques, Rachel's students often exhibit increased self-esteem and self-worth; some tangible results of these successes include publication of student artwork in local print media, student awards and recognition in regional art competitions and a celebrated student art exhibition at The Phillips Collection, a world class private museum in Washington, DC.  Rachel also earned a second Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.