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Information Session: MA in Art Therapy

Heidi Bardot

Heidi Bardot

Director of the Art Therapy Program, Assistant Professor

Heidi Bardot received her Master of Arts in Art Therapy from the George Washington University. She is an active member of the American Art Therapy Association and has held chair and member positions in numerous AATA committees. In her role as Director of the Art Therapy Program, she has received the Graduate Advisor Award and was chosen as the GW Commencement Speaker in 2012. She has brought an international focus to the GW Program since 2007 through her creation of the Summer Abroad diversity courses and service learning programs in France, India, and South Africa. Her previous clinical work was as a full-time and then consultant to Capital Hospice in Virginia supporting children, adolescents and adults deal with grief and loss issues through art therapy home visits, groups, workshops, and camps. Bardot currently works with relief organizations in Beirut, Lebanon, training volunteers on recognizing and working with trauma using art and focusing on self-care. In Lebanon, she has also worked in the refugee camps with children and women and in the prisons with the mentally ill. Bardot has published, presented, and conducted workshops nationally and internationally on issues of war, secondary trauma, self-care, resiliency, grief, international education, and promoting peace and hope. She has worked collaboratively with art therapists in Lebanon, Greece, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, India, and France and organizes women’s retreats to France with her business, A Time to Explore.


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Classes Taught

History and Theory of Art Therapy

International Social and Cultural Diversity (France, India, South Africa)

Art Psychotherapy & Trauma II: Traumatic Loss and Resiliency and Clinical Practice

Assessment Procedures

Practicum Supervision

Culminating Project