Information Sessions

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Information Session: MA in Art Therapy


Workshops require a minimal fee, please check for specific details and locations. Continuing education credits are also available for colloquia and workshops. For information, call 703-299-4148 or email.

Past Workshops

Felting the Senses
with Jon Lorance, MS, ATR
Ethics Workshop
Thomas Hartsell, lawyer, member of ATCB Board
The Healing Journey: Puppets, Story, and Culture
Lani Gerity, DA, ATR
Drawn to the Rhythm: The Healing Nature of Pulse
Judy Piazza
Threshold Space: Crafting Transitions
Josie Abbenante, ATR-BC, LPAT
Developing Supervisory Artistry: A stone carving workshop for supervisors 
Amalia Slater, MA, ATR
The Language of Art: Aesthetics and metaphor
Josie Abbenante, MA, ATR-BC
Transposing Images
Mildred Lachman-Chapin, MEd., ATR