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Information Session: MA in Art Therapy

Program Options

The Art Therapy Program provides three education options for prospective students.

Master’s of Art Therapy  

The Master’s of Art Therapy is 61 credits with 900 internship hours (400 direct client contact) required for graduation, which provides maximum educational credit received toward credentialing as a Registered Art Therapist (ATR) with the Art Therapy Credentialing Board (BC) and the coursework required for art therapy and counseling state licensure (please check individual state licensure boards to determine specific requirements for each state).  All of our classes are on-campus, we do not offer online classes for the Master's of Art Therapy.

Master's of Art Therapy with Thesis Option

This 63-credit thesis option is available by approval from the program for students to pursue original research and produce a Master's Thesis. The Thesis Option is applied for after the 1st semester.

Bachelor of Arts/Masters of Arts in Art Therapy Program (BA/MA)

The combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program in art therapy is designed to provide a broad liberal arts background in the fine arts and psychology as preparation for graduate work in art therapy. It enables the student to study art therapy’s two most important foundations while completing the bachelor's degree. The student can apply to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences during the second semester of the junior year of undergraduate study. For admission to the graduate portion of the program, acceptance must be obtained prior to the start of the fourth year of the program. Admission depends not only on academic and artistic achievement but also on the art therapy faculty’s estimate of the applicant’s maturity and capacity for developing the personal characteristics that will enable her or him to function well as an art therapist. If acceptance into the M.A. program in art therapy is obtained, the B.A. will be awarded after the successful completion of the fourth year of the program.

The program of studies for the undergraduate segment enables the student to major in either fine arts or psychology. Those majoring in fine arts will be required to take a significant amount of work in psychology (almost a minor) while those taking the psychology major will do a significant amount of work in fine arts. In the senior year, the two graduate courses in art therapy, ARTH 6221 Studio/Technique of Art Therapy and ARTH 6210 Counseling/Art Therapy Process I, will be taken during the fall semester and two graduate courses (to be determined), will be taken during the spring semester, along with those undergraduate courses needed to complete the bachelor’s requirements. Both undergraduate and graduate credit will be given for these four courses and thus greatly reduce a student’s financial costs. Internship coursework would not begin until the Spring semester or possibly the second year in the program.