Information Sessions

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Information Session: MA in Art Therapy

Intake Session GWATC

What We Offer

The GW Art Therapy Clinic provides confidential art therapy services for adults, children and adolescents from the community as well as for students or staff at the university. Clients may engage in art therapy as a primary or adjunctive treatment modality (meaning that some clients may also be working with other therapists). Some of the issues we treat at our clinic include: depression, anxiety, dealing with a trauma history, school or work issues, bullying, problems with relationships, grief and loss, coping with illness, personal growth and wellness. Art therapy provides a unique way to approach life’s challenges using creative media to work with problems and find solutions.

Intake Process

The initial intake session is free of charge and allows you to learn more about our services and helps us determine if art therapy is a good fit. For a referral of a young child (8 or younger) we typically suggest that parents/ guardians come without the child for the initial session.  You may want to bring any testing or other background reports to this meeting.

Sometimes clients may be working with other “verbal” therapies in conjunction with the art therapy. In these cases, we may ask your permission to consult with other clinicians who are treating you. There is a Release Form for this, which will be available at intake.

Potential clients can contact the clinic to set an intake appointment by e mail ([email protected]) or phone (703-548-1358) and the student interns and/ or director will be in touch to set individual appointment times. The intake appointments are usually scheduled during daytime hours and take approximately one hour.


The Art Therapy Session

Contrary to popular belief, one does not need to have any art “talent” to benefit from art therapy. Art therapy provides a unique vehicle for accessing and expressing feelings that may be difficult to describe with words. Art making can include a range of tasks such as simple line drawings, exploring watercolor, making a clay sculpture, or sewing in cloth. Depending on the needs and goals of the individual client, the art therapist may provide a directive to explore or may facilitate a more spontaneous drawing process to emerge from the client’s internal state. Once artwork is complete, the art therapist and client will review together the process and product. In art therapy, we tend to focus more on the process than the final art product, as we are interested in each individual’s personal experience of creating artwork. Often through this exploration, clients will find symbolic meaning in artwork. Sometimes discovering that meaning is a surprise. Art therapy is a great way to learn about oneself.

Our art therapy sessions are conducted on a weekly basis at a time that is convenient for you and your student art therapist. We ask that you make a commitment to being available and on time each week for your session. If you do have to cancel, please notify your student therapist in advance.