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Information Session: MA in Art Therapy

Founders of the Program

Bernard Levy, PhD, ATR (1924-1984). Co-founder and Director of the GW Art Therapy Program (1971-1984); Honorary Life Member of the American Art Therapy Association; Professor of Psychology and Director of Graduate Training in Clinical Psychology (1963-1967); ceramic artist and watercolorist. Dr. Levy made numerous contributions to art therapy literature, specifically in the areas of assessment and research.


"I don't know of any job, specifically, for art therapists, but I don't know an art therapist out of work." (excerpt from Dr. Levy's program notes, 1972)

"I know that Picasso is reserving a special place for you in that big studio in the sky." (excerpt from a 1978 Dr. Levy note to the faculty)



Elinor Ulman, ATR (1910-1991). Co-founder of the GW Art Therapy Program and Adjunct Associate Professor from 1971-1988. Honorary Life Member of the American Art Therapy Association. Elinor Ulman was founder, editor, and publisher of The Bulletin of Art Therapy (now American Journal of Art Therapy), the first forum devoted exclusively to art therapy. She was also the primary editor of two of the first books on art therapy published in the United States.

"Art therapy includes a variety of approaches to art. At one end of the spectrum, art as a means of nonverbal communication in a psychotherapeutic process is stressed. In conjunction with verbal associations and interpretations, art products are used to assist the understanding and working through of emotional problems. At the other end of the range, therapy derives from experience of the artistic process itself. Here, artwork is encouraged for its special psychological value. Its usefulness depends on the age-old power of the arts to reconcile conflicting forces within the individual and between individual and society." (excerpt from the GW Graduate Training Program in Art Therapy, 1980, written by Elinor Ulman)



Edith Kramer, ATR-BC. Adjunct Associate Professor in the GW Art Therapy Program from 1972-2000. Honorary Life Member of the American Art Therapy Association, pioneer in the field of art therapy, painter and sculptor. She received an honorary doctorate from Norwich University and is the author of Art Therapy in a Children’s Community, Art as Therapy with Children, and Childhood and Art Therapy.






Hanna Yaxa Kwiatkowska, ATR (1910-1980). Adjunct Assistant Professor in the GW Art Therapy Program (1971-1980). Honorary Life Member of the American Art Therapy Association and exhibiting sculptor, Kwiatkowska pioneered clinical work in family art therapy and introduced art therapy in the research program at the National Institute of Mental Health. Author of Family Therapy and Evaluation through Art.



We want to open this opportunity to mature people who have experience in allied fields (and experience in living) and who feel that art therapy can either enhance their skills within their present professions or perhaps open the way to a new profession providing satisfactions they found lacking in their first choice of a career." (excerpt from presentation at annual meeting of AATA, Oct. 1972 by Hanna Kwiatkowska)