Information Sessions

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Information Session: MA in Art Therapy


Full-Time Faculty and Staff


      Heidi Bardot, Program Director


     Lisa Garlock, Assistant Professor  

   Juliet King, Associate Professor

  Jordan Potash, Assistant Professor    

Mary Ellen Ruff, Assistant Professor

   Tally Tripp, Assistant Professor

  Ingrid Valdes, Administrator


Adjunct Faculty Members

Rachel Albert

Julia Andersen

Kate Baasch

Jennifer Baldwin

Donna Betts

Charlotte Boston

Denise (Deni) Brancheau

Gioia Chilton

Tracy Councill

Carol Cox

Audrey Di Maria

Cheryl Doby-Copeland

Linda Gantt

Alexandra Herrera

Paula Howie

Carrie Knebel

Laura Lansrud-López

Jean McCaw

Leslie Milofsky

Laurie Mowry-Hesler

Stacey Nelson

Jenna Preston

Mary Ellen Ruff

Diana Sabados

Barbara Sobol

Terry Svat

Lisa Syed

Arika VanBrunt

Rebecca Wilkinson

Katherine Williams

Lauren Yoder