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Information Session: MA in Art Therapy


The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

61 credits including 900 internship hours.

ARTH 6205History and Theory of Art Therapy
ARTH 6207Human Development and Art Therapy I: Child and Adolescent
ARTH 6208Human Development and Art Therapy II: Adults and Senior Adults
ARTH 6210Counseling/Art Therapy Process
ARTH 6211Process of Counseling and Art Therapy: Theory
ARTH 6212Creativity, Symbolism, and Metaphor
ARTH 6221Studio/Technique of Art Therapy
ARTH 6233Marital and Family Art Therapy/Counseling
ARTH 6234Group Process
ARTH 6235Social and Cultural Diversity
ARTH 6241Assessment Procedures
ARTH 6242Psychopathology: Art and Diagnosis
ARTH 6243Substance Abuse and Addictions
ARTH 6251Research Methods
ARTH 6262Career Counseling and Art Therapy
ARTH 6263Ethics and Professionalism I: Principles
ARTH 6264Ethics and Professionalism II: Applications
ARTH 6265Advanced Issues in Psychotherapy and Art Therapy (taken four times for 1 credit for a total of 4 credits)
ARTH 6271Art Psychotherapy and Trauma I: Theory and Approaches to Treatment (taken for 3 credits)
ARTH 6272Art Psychotherapy and Trauma II: Loss, Countertransference, and Resiliency
ARTH 6281Practicum in Art Therapy (taken six times for 1 credit for a total of 6 credits)
ARTH 6292Special Projects in Art Therapy (taken for 1 credit)

Professional Licensure

Students graduate prepared to seek professional licensure in art therapy and counseling (in states where this is applicable). The traditional master’s program has been combined with additional coursework in trauma training—a huge growth area in the art therapy field to integrate the latest research on neurobiology and trauma treatment with expressive, art based approaches.