Carol Thayer Cox

Carol Cox
Professorial Lecturer

Formerly assistant professor and assistant director of The George Washington University’s Art Therapy Program (1988-1998), Carol rejoined the faculty in 2008. She also taught for Vermont College of Norwich University for five years and is presently teaching in the spring/summer art therapy program at Pratt Institute. Carol offers workshops on color, imagery, and symbolism as reflected by different states of consciousness across the life span and has chaired a national conference on this subject. A frequent lecturer at universities and conferences, Carol is also a certified Journal to the Self® instructor and is the founder of MUSE, a performing arts troupe that teaches psychological theory through the arts. In addition to having a private practice, she has worked in various psychiatric and psycho-educational settings.

Carol’s undergraduate degree is in art history from Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia. Following post-graduate work in studio art and psychology, she earned her master’s in art therapy from The George Washington University in 1984. Carol is a founding board member and former officer of the Association of Teachers of Mandala Assessment and a founding member and first treasurer of the Virginia Art Therapy Association. For ten consecutive years she was appointed to the editorial board of Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, was elected to the nominating committee of AATA and served as chair, and was on the program committee for AATA’s annual conference for many years. She has conducted and supervised numerous art therapy research studies.

Carol enjoys creative writing and making mixed-media collages, woodcuts, and paintings, both oil and acrylic. Inspired by natural forms, she loves the process of juxtaposing shape and color to create metaphors for relationships on many levels, from intrapersonal and interpersonal to archetypal and transpersonal. 


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Classes Taught

  • Assessment Procedures for Art Therapists
  • Research in Art Therapy
  • Technique of Art Therapy
  • Process of Art Therapy
  • Family Art Therapy Techniques
  • Art Therapy with Children
  • Art as Therapy with Adolescents
  • Jungian Perspectives in Art Therapy
  • Practicum Supervision
  • Human Development and Art Therapy
  • The Art of Therapeutic Journaling Using Images and Words