Audrey Di Maria

Audrey Di Maria
Adjunct Associate Professor

Audrey has taught at GW ever since 1978, when she was invited to join the faculty by the Art Therapy Program's founder, Bernard Levy, Ph.D. She recalls being ushered into her first faculty meeting by Bernie, with the words, "Welcome to our consortium of equals!" –and looking around the room to find Elinor Ulman, Hanna Kwiatkowska, Mari Fleming, Linda Gantt, Patty Ravenscroft, and Katherine Williams! (Edith Kramer, who, for 25 years, took the train down from New York City to teach at GW—a parcel full of children's art work strapped to her backpack—was unable to attend faculty meetings, but was an integral part of the faculty, also.) Bernie's magnanimous gesture characterized the passion, flair, commitment—and wry wit—he brought to the Program from its founding until his untimely death, at 60, in 1984.

As Bernie, Elinor, Hanna, and Edith were all fervently involved in the birth and development of the American Art Therapy Association, more recent additions to the faculty were encouraged to take an active role in the Association, as well. Audrey became chairperson of the Education Committee, the Publications Committee, and the Subcommittee on Art Therapy in the Schools. She also served as Editor-in-Chief or Co-editor of several AATA Conference Proceedings. For six years, she was Secretary of the Art Therapy Credentials Board, which oversaw the credentials of the nearly 3,500 art therapists in the country at that time. In 2001, Audrey was invited to present testimony on art therapy training and credentialing to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy.

For 27 years, Audrey also worked full-time as an art therapist with severely emotionally disturbed children at the Paul Robeson School for Growth and Development, a psychoeducational facility operated by the DC Government's Department of Mental Health. In 1997, she received the American Art Therapy Association's Clinician Award for her work. During her years at PRS, she trained 50 art therapy interns, each of whom spent a full school year at the placement.

Audrey is a dedicated member of the "Levy and Fishman Watercolor Group," which has met biweekly since its inception in 1984. She enjoys documenting her world travel with her photography, Australia being her destination of choice. Audrey’s work is featured in the following:  Cox, C., & Heller, P. (Eds.) (2006). Portrait of the artist as poet. Chicago: Magnolia Street Publishers and Howie, P., Prasad, S., &  Kristel, J. (Eds.) (2013). Using art therapy with diverse populations: Crossing cultures and abilities. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Classes Taught

  • Art for Children With Special Problems (1981-86, 1993)
  • Case Studies in Art Therapy (1980, 1988, 1991-2004)
  • Ethics and Professionalism (2005-present)
  • Group Supervision (1980-2010)                                                                                             
  • Introduction to Art Therapy (1983)                                                                                                 
  • The Principles and Practice of Art Therapy With Children (1995-2009)                            
  • Psychodynamic Processes in Art Therapy (1993)                                                 
  • Survey of Art Therapy (1978-87)