50th Anniversary: Past, Present and Future of Art Therapy

Heidi Bardot in a studio with two art therapy students demonstrating a project

Join us while we celebrate 50 years of history with alumni panels and speakers while we discuss the past, present and future of Art Therapy.

We are seeking to collect a class photo from each year (graduation photo or classroom group photo). Please send us your digital photos with contact information, year of graduation, and any names of classmates and professors in the photo. We will create an online gallery so that everyone can enjoy these historical photos.



May 21, 2022
Authentically Connecting: How Art Therapists Market Digitally and Organically


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June 2022
Where We Were and Where We are Going
Faculty/Alumni Panel

Past Presentations

January 15, 2022
Take it Personally : Past, Present and Future Directions in Transpersonal Art Therapy
This collaborative and interdisciplinary panel will address the philosophies, foundations and approaches of transpersonal therapies and its value in contemporary society. Panelists will discuss their personal transpersonal journeys and how these perspectives lend themselves to an expansive lens of inclusivity for clients in practice. 


January 29, 2022
Perennial Art Therapy: Locating the Contemplative - Transpersonal View

A summary of the perennial, transpersonal themes inherent in art and art therapy frame the core of this presentation. Beginning with an autobiographical discussion of Michael Franklin's connections to the studio arts and art as therapy, particularly empathic applications of Edith Kramer’s Third Hand.  The talk then turns towards the intersections between art, meditation, and the socially engaged transpersonal art therapist.


February 26, 2022
The Evolution of our Cultural Identity as Art Therapists
Alumni Presenters: Sone-Seere Burrell, Alberta Gyimah-Boadi, Iman Khatib, Maricel Ocasio Figueroa, and Jane Woo.


March 5, 2022
Unlearning and Relearning: Reframing our language, space, and practice as able bodied, neurotypical art therapists
Alumni presenters: Natascha Jordan White, ATR-BC, LPC and Christina Hagemeier, LPC, ATR-BC


March 26, 2022
Inclusive Creativity: Lessons for Art Therapists From Creating Accessible Art Spaces in A School Based Art Therapy Setting
Alumni presenters: Natascha Jordan White, ATR-BC, LPC and Christina Hagemeier, LPC, ATR-BC